We can say that almost everything that is created by humans in this world is the result of invention created by an engineer. The skills of an engineer can be useful in many sectors from manufacturing, infrastructure, technology, and other industries.

Technical education is important to teach children to develop problem-solving skills, collaborate with others, communicate human needs, and survive through failure.

As a parent, you want your child to have the skills of engineers. Therefore, learning techniques for children will be very useful skills for their future. The next question that arises is “Where should I start?” Through technology and exploration, you and your child get the opportunity to present technical experiences. The child does not need to wait until adulthood to explore techniques for building skills.

The following are five ways that the author wrote so that children can actively start learning and thinking like an engineer.

  1. Describe Engineering

Tell them what engineer is. The word “engineering” is a broad term and covers a wide range of career paths and skills. If the child has never been given an easy and clear explanation of this concept, you should start explaining so that they can get a solid foundation about the engineer. You can start learning about this concept by paying attention to the following concepts:

  • An engineer is someone who designs, builds, or maintains machines, structures, and even takes care of the environment. They help create everything around us.
  • Learn from YouTube videos to make it more interesting. If your child is fluent in English, you can show us a video from Crash Course Kids: “What’s An Engineer?”.
  • Thinking about objects that are around you and your child. Then, discuss with the child how an engineer helps design and build it.
  1. Different Types of Engineers

You also need to explain that there are many different types of engineers. You can start brainstorming with your children by asking them for examples of engineering work. After that, you tell them the right types of engineers if they cannot find one. Some of the different types of engineers include Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Systems Engineers, and many more.

  1. Think Like an Engineer

Engineers think through step by step to solve the problems they find. Therefore, you must help children to develop a way of thinking like an engineer. The way of thinking that every problem has and needs resolution. Helping children with these concepts can help them understand how an engineer thinks that is more likely to solve problems than avoid them.

  1. Seeing Children’s Interests in Certain Topics

Find out what topics your child is interested in studying. Whatever concept catches your child’s attention, it will help them improve their skills as an engineer. You can start by asking the children what they like right now. Next, integrate the things they love with the work of the engineer. “How does this topic relate to engineers? Did an engineer create that or help solve the topic?”.

  1. Practice: Making Mini-Projects for Children

Take your time to make mini projects in your spare time and children. Think of the things you can build and create together. For example, making a roller coaster game, playing LEGO to build something, and so on.

In addition, you also must instill the desire of children to explore by making things out of the objects around them. Many good ideas come from the creative thinking of children, so give them the opportunity to try their own creative thinking.

May 10, 2021

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