Food is one of the important needs which affects children’s development. Parents need to provide nutritional fulfillment for children during their growth period. To meet the nutritional needs of your children, we cannot only get it from the main food but also support it by providing nutrition through snacks.

In fact, parents often have two extreme views of snacks. The first extreme is that snacks harm children so that they do not allow children to have snacks. Another extreme is when parents spoil their children and let them eat all kinds of snacks without seeing the compositions in them.

Snacks are allowed if we as parents are more selective in choosing healthy snacks. We need to pay attention to the nutrition contains in snacks, especially when children really like sweet foods. Meanwhile, their intake of sweet foods needs to be limited to avoid the risk of diseases such as diabetes.

Here are seven types of healthy snacks for children to replace sugary foods that you can give your little ones to keep them happy but also healthy.


Cheese is one of the dairy products that are rich in protein which is good for supporting children’s growth. You can serve the whole cheese or as a snack.

Choose types of cheese that are low in fat for children’s consumption. The right type of cheese can also help a person lose weight and help prevent heart disease and osteoporosis. Examples of healthy types of cheese are mozzarella, feta, blue cheese, and parmesan.


This food can also be used as a healthy snack menu for children. The choices are very diverse, ranging from peanuts, red beans, cashews, hazelnuts to almonds which are very rich in nutrients. Nuts are rich in nutritional content, ranging from protein, fiber, good fats, to vitamin E and antioxidants which can act as protectors of brain cells against free radicals.

Apart from its positive impact on thinking, nuts can also be a good source of energy because of the content of vitamin E. Also, thiamin in it can convert glucose into energy needed by the body.


This food which is usually served as a healthy breakfast menu can also be used as a healthy snack menu for children. Cereals are rich in fiber which is good for digestion and can provide energy for your little one.

Meanwhile, the high content of vitamin E, B vitamins, zinc, and potassium will also optimize brain function. Choose cereals made from whole grains, which are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. To increase children’s appetite, you can add fresh fruit pieces to the cereal for morning snacks before noon.

Fresh Fruit

The nutrients contained in fruits are very beneficial for health. Fruits are rich in nutrients in form of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that function to increase immunity and prevent dangerous diseases caused by free radicals such as cancer. Strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, apples, melons, pears, bananas, and papayas are some of the fresh fruits that nutritionists recommend as a snack between meals for children.

Besides, fruit is also easy to serve. You just must serve it in small pieces. To make it more interesting, cut the fruit with cute shapes and combine various kinds of fruit. This fruit snack is perfect for an afternoon or evening snack.


The egg is not only be used as the main menu, but also as a healthy snack menu. Eggs have good nutrients contained to support children’s growth. The protein in an egg can meet almost 1/3 of your baby’s protein needs. Mothers also do not need to be confused about serving eggs for children because it is very easy to process, such as omelets, boiled eggs, or even martabak that is served with meat and vegetables.


Yogurt which is processed by fermentation is also a healthy snack choice for children. Protein and vitamin B in yogurt are very important in supporting the growth of enzymes and brain tissue. Not only that, but yogurt also contains vitamin D which is important for the development of the muscles and nerves of the growing body. We recommend that you choose low-fat yogurt because it is rich in calcium.


Jelly can be a good snack for children because its fiber content is good for the digestive system. However, jelly in packaging that you can find in supermarkets is actually dangerous, because it contains preservatives and artificial colors which are not good for children’s health. Therefore, try to make your own jelly for children. To make it even more interesting, you can create it by shaping it using cute molds and adding fresh fruit pieces to make the nutrients complete.

May 9, 2021

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