Being a parent is tiring. It is of course a joy for those of you who have become parents and have children that you have been waiting for all this time. However, we know that the role of parents is not easy in raising and taking care of them. No matter how tired or sick you are, there is no “rest time” to take care of your child.

Maybe you have been in a position where you have been up with a newborn all night, you have just come home from work 8 hours, or you have been sick, but you still must play with your child. Therefore, you must have several strategies for taking care of your child as a parent. There are several things you can do to avoid tiredness.

Sleep When You Have the Opportunity

When you are tired, the best thing you really must do is sleep. This is the most powerful break to recharge, but often we as parents ignore this. We feel it is more important to do other work in your free time such as cleaning the house, completing office work, etc.

The reality is we cannot be the parents we want to be when we are tired. So, if your body feels tired and there is a chance to sleep, then do it!

Right now, you may be able to take care of a baby. From all the stages of child development, a baby is one of the stages that are quite challenging for parents because babies do not have fixed working hours and sleep and only cry when they need something.

As a parent, sleeping at the same time as your baby sleeps is the right time. When you manage to sleep while your child is sleeping and you have to wake up when they wake up, at least your body has rested, and you will feel quite refreshed after that. Even a short nap with your child can change your mood.

Stay Active with Children in the Morning and Afternoon

You can teach children to stay active in the morning and afternoon when everyone is using that time to do activities. You can use the morning and afternoon time for children to learn and play. For example, going to the park, walking around, playing with neighbors, or playing activities at home with them.

By keeping you and your child active at the right times in the morning and afternoon, it will make your child need rest at the time you expect, such as during the day (nap time) and at night. In this way, the time you spend playing with your children can be managed properly and you still have time to take a break as a parent.

Eat and Drink Regularly

It is a little thing that you often forget as a parent. Sometimes, you are so busy in the morning or when you are doing something that you forget to eat and drink regularly to replace your lost energy and body fluids. As a result, your body feels tired faster due to the lack of incoming energy. Make sure that during your busy life as a parent, you keep your body eat and drink regularly so that lost energy can be replaced.

Play Doctor-Patient Game

For those of you who have toddlers, you can play this game. Whether you are sick or just feeling tired, being your “little doctor” patient is probably the easiest way to keep your little one happy while you try to rest.

Judging from the author’s experience of seeing this game, many children, when trying to become doctors for their patients (parents), will try to pay attention to their patients and let you as their patients to keep resting.

You can play this on the sofa or on the bed, and let your child take over the patient care at that time. Younger children can play pretend with a box of bandages and a toy doctor kit. Older children can refresh you by bringing you water, adjusting your sleeping position and pillows, and checking on you while you are lying down. At least this game allows you as a parent to take a break and still can play with your child.

Using Stickers as Strategy

Believe it or not, you will never meet a toddler who does not like stickers. In schools, teachers often use this as a reward when students do something good and right.

As a parent, you can also use stickers. Prepare a pile of sticker sheets. Use these stickers and give them to your children when you give them special time to play independently when you need to take a break. You can give your child a sticker and a few places for them to stick the sticker while you rest. Children will be entertained by using and sticking stickers to the places your child wants.

Play Music for Children to Sing and Dance

When you feel tired, your children may not feel tired yet. So, you still need to burn your child’s energy. While you are resting or sitting on the sofa for a short period of time, you can play the songs that make them excited to sing and move.

If your children still want you to be involved while they sing and move, you can get around this game by acting as a judge and pretend to give them the score results of their singing and dance moves. In addition, another strategy you can do is to let children entertain themselves. In fact, reported by parenting experts at “Aha! Parents” affirm that boredom is a good experience for children of all ages.

Boredom forces children to slow down and use their imagination and creativity to keep themselves busy, and they will find out for themselves rather than waiting for mom or dad’s decision for entertainment. If your child is accustomed to getting entertainment provided by you frequently, it may take them some time to adjust to this strategy. Wait a few days, you will be surprised at what kind of creative ideas they come up with when they have free time to play alone.

May 10, 2021

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Check out other Versions of this Article!
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