As parents, you start and finish the day on a busy schedule. Wake up, prepare food for the children, clean the house, take the children to school, go to the office, work, pick up children, after-work activities, make dinner, clean up, rest, etc. You do this almost every day.

This is a job for parents who also choose to work full-time. To survive, you always do a repetitive routine. Not to mention, you also feel guilty for letting go of one big thing: the perfection of parenting. In the world of parenting, nothing is perfect, so it is only natural if you feel that you are not perfect.

When you are in a career and already have children, you will need a lot of preparation for flexibility, ever-changing attack plans that include certain carefully planned strategic steps. There are several strategies you can try. This is done to minimize the chaos that may come when trying to balance family and work.

Collaborate with your partner. In married life, you and your partner will be happy if you work together on every task and responsibility that needs to be done for the family. Both of you can discuss the roles and routines that must be done every day at home so that it can run well.

You can share tasks together, support each other, and even do work that can be done together. One example that you can apply is when you come home from work, your husband takes time to play with children while you as your wife prepares for dinner. After that, you and your family can eat together and have family time after dinner.

Good cooperation between partners will make husband, wife, and even children happy.

Prepare a few things in the evening. In the evening, you and your partner can work together to prepare things that are needed for the next day such as food for the morning to be cooked, spouse’s work clothes and children’s school clothes, and cleaning the house. On weekends, you can also prepare groceries for the week or the next few days at home.

Make use of the internet. Many of us have not maximized the use of the internet to make work easier. If you do not have time to shop, you can use applications that make it easy for you to shop such as g*mart, etc.

When you need an item to buy, first look for reviews of items you need on the internet before finally looking for it at the mall to save time. You can also manage your calendar using your gadget and internet to pay monthly bills on time and easily, namely via the internet.

Create a family calendar. There are many purposes for making a calendar for your family, one of them is to teach your family to organize everything regularly, including plans. Put a family calendar where you and your family gather often. Mark the times of your holidays, birthdays, and family events on the calendar.

You can also use the family calendar to create a work-done checklist if you and your family learn to share work together every day. This also helps children learn to work and be consistent starting from small things, namely homework that is appropriate for their age.

Leave work at the office. Sometimes technology makes it difficult for you to set boundaries between work and family time. Therefore, when at home, turn off notifications from the office and do not do your homework as much as possible.

Give up on perfection. Being busy makes things seem lacking. This is normal for families, especially if you are working with your partner. Avoid comparing your family with other families. This can reduce your level of confidence as a parent. Eliminate demanding expectations. Family is not about perfection.

May 10, 2021

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Check out other Versions of this Article!
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