Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within. -James Baldwin


We are all living busy and challenging lives as parents. However, one thing that we should not forget when living life as parents is to give great affection to children.

A very powerful way to show affection is by showing a close loving relationship between you and your partner in front of children. Research has proven that the relationship between parental affection for children affects their health and happiness in the future.

We do not need to be ashamed to show our relationship to our partner in front of our children. This fosters closer family ties. There are three important reasons of showing affection between partners in front of children is necessary to apply.

Children Learn through Direct Observation

We learn best by watching.

You may often hear the sentence above. Learning that children can observe directly is meaningful learning. When children witness something, it will be easier for them to remember it, then it can become a standard for them on what to do.

In showing affection for your partner in front of your children, you teach them how a caring relationship is. You teach the value of loving one another and openly showing love, respectfulness, especially respect the people you care about the most.

Children will learn that showing affection for others and when others showing affection for you is a normal and good thing to do.

Teaching Children Creating Harmonious Family

Whenever children see parents showing love for one another, they will feel secure in the family. In the family, of course, there will be conflict. However, conflicts that are accompanied by affection, such as calling your partner affectionate, are confirmation that the relationship between you and your partner is fine.

Teaching that Everyone Deserves Love

Showing affection between spouses to children is a difficult and easy thing to do. Especially after arguments between partners, which sometimes we cannot avoid happening in front of the child.

However, this is the most appropriate way to express that we continue to love each other and deserve to be loved. Every parent hopes to create thoughts in their children that they deserve to be loved in any situation, including when there is a fight.

A family is a place where children learn what loving relationships are like. Although you need to show affection for your partner in front of your child, you must make sure that the affection you show is simple and still appropriate for children to see.

There are some examples of things you can do in front of children that show affection between partners simply and appropriately:

  • Hug your partner often to let children know that you love each other.
  • Tell your partner clearly that you love him/her in front of children. It expresses your feelings for each other, as well as shows what open communication looks like in a harmonious family relationship.
    • Giving a kiss on the forehead, cheek, or lips that is still appropriate to show in front of children as an expression of love.
    • Holding hands frequently, either at home or in public.
    • Demonstrate ways to express love, for example by leaving love notes for each other around the house.
    • Praise each other in front of children when your spouse does something good.

Love is a basic human need. Therefore, it is natural for you and your partner to show affection in front of children. The affection shown in front of them becomes their standard to show affection to others in the future and develop their social-emotional skills. Do not be shy, show your affection more, dear parents!

May 9, 2021

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