Many children ask their teachers why learning math concepts or skills are important. It happens because many children have difficulty in liking this subject.

When helping children with homework, many parents may have the same questions. A study conducted by Mark H. Karwan, dean at Buffalo University shows that parental attitudes, whether positive or negative, can influence children’s attitude about mathematics, so it would affect their math performance.

Therefore, parents need to encourage children to excel or at least understand this field. There are four benefits that children get when they understand math concepts.

Practicing Logical and Critical Thinking

Mathematics teaches logic and order. In studying Math, children learn to find predictable results that must be followed by precise steps to achieve those results. The thinking skill that is developed by children while learning Math can be carried over in their daily life.

Many companies are implementing mathematics learning. Therefore, many of them will give more opportunities to employ mathematic graduates based on the assumption that people who can understand mathematical concepts easily have learned how to think.

Math also provides the means to practice and perfect critical thinking skills. One example of Math critical thinking is when students are asked to explain how they got an answer to a complex question or to describe the ideas behind the formula or process used when answering.

This is where mathematics plays a role in helping children think critically and logically in their lives.

Teaching Life Skills

It would be difficult for us to lead independent lives without basic math skills. Since childhood, children start learning about money at the beginning of elementary school. In higher classes, children learn to calculate percentages and fractions.

People must have basic math skills to be able to perform other life skills. For example, being able to learn to cook following a recipe, evaluate whether an item being cleaned is good or not, and manage a budget.

Math also can be useful for managing children’s finances in the future. For example, managing a child’s future bank account is an important life skill that requires math to reduce balances.

Therefore, children who understand math are less likely to owe or have less debt in the future because they know how much money they have versus how much money they spend.

Supporting Continuing Education and Careers

Almost all education and careers require basic math skills. Children who are skilled in mathematics and who seek advanced degrees will find that high-paying jobs such as engineering, medicine, or self-employment will provide great opportunities. Therefore, it is beneficial for children when they have math skills.

Ability to Read Numbers and Data

In pandemic situations nowadays, we look at numbers and data more often. Whether we like it or not, we have to look at a data table with many parameters and a row of statistical charts.

Mathematical skills will make it easier for us to read numbers and data. Therefore, getting children to learn math will enable them to get used to and be able to process the numbers and data they encounter at school, at work, and in their daily lives.

Therefore, parents must encourage children to understand and like math. Start introducing math to children from an early age because mathematics is a subject that will always be encountered along the way in life.

Avoid showing hopelessness when you see the little failures children have made while learning math. The process of learning mathematics is brain stimulation. It will take some time to learn it.

May 9, 2021

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Check out other Versions of this Article!
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