It is nice to have a good and harmonious relationship with your spouse and children in the family. Not only the relationship with your nuclear family, but it is also important for you to have a good relationship with your partner’s parents, mother and father-in-law.

Building a home life will be more successful and harmonious with the agreement and a close relationship with your partner’s parents.

In everyday life, the fact is that the relationship between a husband or wife and the partner’s parents is quite often a problem. This is due to frequent disagreements. The risk of being more depressed is also higher when there are differences of opinion because they are not the biological parents themselves.

So, if you are planning to get married or are already married, building, and strengthening a good relationship with your spouse’s parents will be a plus for you to be accepted. If you currently have some difficulties in the relationship with your parents-in-law, you can also start to improve the existing situation. Here are some tips that the author can provide for an amicable relationship between you and your in-laws.

  1. Ask Their Advice

One of the things that parents both your parents and in-laws like are when you can involve them in certain decisions. Therefore, asking for advice from your partner’s parents is one strategy you can do. It makes your in-laws feel valued and needed in your family.

  1. Respond Appropriately to Advice

Because they are more experienced in family life, in-laws often offer advice on marriage, childcare, careers, and even home decor. Usually, that advice is great. But sometimes, it can offend you as a new parent and even lead to conflict.

When the advice your in-laws give does not really suit your family’s wants or needs, you still must respond positively to them. Show gratitude for their input. You can also say what you did to deal with certain situations. For the decision whether to take their advice or not, go back to your own family. Only you and your partner understand the real condition of your family.

  1. Focus on Yourself, Not Them

Change your concept of thinking. Previously, you often wondered in your mind like “If he wanted to ________, our relationship could be much better”. But this kind of thinking does not help. You know that you have no control over your mother or father-in-law. The right solution is that you can control your own thoughts and behavior.

Think about what you could do differently that might bring about a more positive change in your relationship with the in-laws rather than hoping that your in-laws will make the difference.

  1. Show Gratitude

When your in-laws do something nice for you, your spouse, or your child, you must show your gratitude and show them that you appreciate their actions.

Phone calls, chats, small gifts, or in-person conversations to say thank you will really help them see you more positively. They will also start to build a good relationship with you when you appreciate their every kind deed for your family.

  1. Show Your Love to In-Laws

In addition, you also need to learn to pay attention to your partner’s parents. They are also your parents; therefore, it is also important to show you care for them.

Especially for the couple’s parents, they often pay attention to your actions whether it is big or small. Besides, parents also like to be noticed, especially if their daughter or son-in-law gives them positive attention. They will increasingly believe in you and accept you happily in their big family.

May 10, 2021

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