Every parent wants their child to be smart and successful. Nowadays, we live in a highly competitive world. This has started even at an early age when a person has started interacting with one another.

The competitive spirit brings a positive influence. For example, improving a skill such as sports, language, etc. In addition, having a competitive spirit is also the soul needed to grow and develop.

However, the competitive spirit also sometimes has a bad impact, such as not accepting defeat. Some children may not be able to accept defeat in the competition.

Therefore, it is important for us as parents to teach competitive spirit wisely. There are four tips that you can do as parents to guide your children to succeed in having a wise competitive spirit.

  1. Focus on Process, Not Results

Being parents who always judge their children based on the results teaches them to be competitive and have difficulty accepting defeats and the mistakes they made Parents will certainly feel proud of their children often get the best grades in all lessons.

However, do not let this make your child feel depressed. Children can be stressed, frustrated, and ultimately develop a competitive spirit that is not good, which they will tend to feel always not enough. Teach children to enjoy each learning process if they try to carry out their responsibilities well. It will teach them to have a competitive spirit that is healthy and wise.

  1. Accept Weaknesses and Strengths

Usually, this is something that often happens which is a continuation if parents want children to always look perfect, by comparing your children with other children. It does not motivate children. On the contrary, this makes them feel that they always lack in their parents’ perspective and always sees those around them as a rival.

In the end, when they win, they only have temporary happiness because they know they still have a lot to learn, and they find it difficult to appreciate the people around them.

It is important to give praise for the child’s hard work. It helps your child accept the strengths and weaknesses of themselves and others. Children learn how to do a healthy and wise competition, not just to look great, but to learn to grow better.

  1. Willing to Receive Help from Others

Praising one’s own child with other parents or relatives is a positive thing. But sometimes, there are parents who lie (big or small) to show off their child’s greatness. In fact, parents tend to cover up their children’s weaknesses.

It is not a wise thing for you to do. On the other hand, you become a parent who cannot accept the weaknesses of children who should know that everyone has weaknesses. Another impact is children see you as an example. From you, they learn that they must look perfect.

Be a wise parent. Accept your children’s strengths and weaknesses. In addition, do not be shy about helping children find solutions to their weaknesses. There is nothing wrong with pointing out mistakes if we try to always make up for those mistakes. What is wrong is when we want our children to always be the best and cover up their weaknesses.

  1. Know the Child’s Personality

Learn to get to know your child’s personality because this is what will make them succeed in life. When you know the personality, you get to know the child even more. It will also help you see what your child wants for something.

When you know the child’s desire to learn something, follow their interests. Children will learn better according to their interests. Besides that, they become more excited when they find out that you are their biggest supporter in learning their desires.

May 10, 2021

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Check out other Versions of this Article!
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