“Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success.” – Henry Ford


School is one of the most important places in a children’s life. Children who have entered school will develop various aspects. However, you must understand that the efforts of schools and teachers alone are not sufficient to ensure children’s development in a better direction.

The role of parents is also very important in this process. In fact, parents are the primary educators for each child. Schools are educators who help parents work.

However, looking from the perspective of the writer as a teacher, in fact, there are still lots of parents who do not understand this. Most parents give up all kinds of education both intellectual, spiritual, and skills to teachers in schools.

To change this perception, as a parent who is responsible as the main educator, you need to collaborate effectively with the school to ensure the success of your children both at home and school.

Therefore, attending parents’ meetings at school is important. Many things you can know and discuss during this meeting.

  1. Get Information on Children’s Progress and Behavior

Attending school meetings helps you get feedback from your child’s teacher about your child’s performance in school. You can find opportunities here to ask your child’s teacher about how your child is involved in the learning process, their behavior with friends and teachers, and their participation in activities carried out at school.

  1. Get the Real Experience about the School Atmosphere

Another thing that you get when you attend the school-held meeting is you know more about the children’s school and get the first-hand experience about the school environment. In this case, it includes the place, facilities, teachers’ performance, and the system in place in schools.

You can also look at your child’s classroom, library, cafeterias, and all other places where they spend their time at school. You will get an overview of the overall behavior and attitudes of teachers, principals, and support staff towards their colleagues and students.

  1. Discuss Children’s Talents and Behavioral Patterns

You can also discuss your child’s special skills and talents that the school may not realize, in this case, the teacher. When a discussion like this occurs, the school will try to help your child to improve their talents and guide them for their development if this school provides facilities and infrastructure that match your child’s talents.

You can also discuss with the teacher the physical and psychological strengths and weaknesses of your child that they need to know. This discussion will help the teacher know more about your child so that it can help children’s learning process at school.

  1. Meet with Other Parents

Parent meetings can also help you get to know the parents of other children. Interacting with other parents before, during, and after meetings at school will be of great benefit to you.

For example, you can find out about a common problem that concerns all parents, which you can discuss during a school meeting. In addition, you will also find out how other parents’ way to handle their child’s behavior patterns and you can learn from them. This will make you learn and hopefully improve your parenting.

A good relationship with other children’s parents also makes it easier for you to see your child’s relationship with their friends and can immediately discuss it with the parents of your child’s friends. This will be very useful for you and other parents.

May 9, 2021

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Check out other Versions of this Article!
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