Sweet food. Parents are often tempted to reward children’s good behavior by providing this. Parents are often tempted to give it when the child looks sad and cries to get it. Grandparents also often love to give it to see the cheerful faces of their grandchildren.

Is sugar that bad for your kids? What is wrong with giving sweet foods to children?

Sugar can have an addictive effect. If children often eat a lot of sweet foods, they have a habit of eating sweet foods exceeding the dose that is good for them.

The following are the negative effects that occur in children if they often consume sweet foods excessively.

  1. Suppress the child’s immune system. Sugar can suppress a child’s immune system and damage their immunity against infectious diseases. It means your child can easily get sick from all kinds of diseases, colds, flu, etc.
  2. Tooth decay. Many parents already know that sweet foods can cause tooth decay in children. The higher the sugar level, the higher the risk of tooth decay. This happens because the starch and sugar content of the food consumed interacts with various types of natural bacteria in the mouth. This will form plaque which risks causing cavities in teeth.
  3. Causing hyperactivity and reduce concentration levels. Sugar can cause a rapid increase in adrenaline in children which causes them to experience hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and irritability.
  4. Sugar weakens vision. If your child consumes a lot of sugar, it will increase their blood sugar. In turn, it causes the eyes’ lens to swell which changes the ability to see. Once your child stops consuming sugar or at least does not consume large amounts of sugar, their vision can return to normal.
  5. Sugar causes diabetes. When children eat too much sugar, it can lead to a decrease in their insulin sensitivity leading to abnormally high insulin levels and ultimately diabetes. This disease is terrible and can damage their blood vessels, kidneys, nerves, and eyes. This is one of the most debilitating negative effects of sugar on young people.

Ways in Helping Children Reduce Consumption of Sweet Foods

Teach children the dangers of sweet foods

Teaching your children values ​​from the start is important. Teach your children the benefits of sugar are for their health. After that, give them a hands-on example and explain patiently why they should limit the consumption of sugar. Describe the effects of consuming sweet foods with an easy-to-understand explanation.

With a good explanation from you, children will understand more easily and will try to reduce their consumption of sweet foods. Remember, everything needs a process.

Enjoy a small amount of sweet food and a certain time

Children can enjoy small amounts of sugary foods and drinks as ‘treats’ at a certain time. Try offering small portions of high-sugar foods along with healthy foods. You can give a small bowl of ice cream with fruit or try chocolate pudding as a dip for bananas to help your child eat less sugar.

Replace high sugar food with other healthy choices

Parents need to find a substitute for high sugar food because we know their children will be attracted to foods that contain high sugar. So instead of giving ice cream, freeze plain yogurt and add fresh fruit.

Reduce consumption of juice packages

Even the bottled juice says, “100% juice,” “organic,” or “no added sugar,” it does not mean that is a healthy choice. In fact, bottled juice contains 22 grams of sugar. Alternatively, offer plain water and add a slice of cucumber, berry, or orange for flavor. You can also make juice from home yourself without sugar or a little sugar.

May 10, 2021

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