Every child is born with different characteristics. Some children enjoy time with other people and adapt easily to new environments. This type of child will usually start conversations even with new friends and are easy to get along with in those around him.

There are also children who prefer to spend time alone. They enjoy spending time alone playing or doing other activities on their own. What often worries parents is when children have this second characteristic.

You wonder why your child prefers to be alone. This is also a concern for those of you who want your children to be able to socialize with others for their future.

There are at least three reasons why children prefer to play alone.

It is a Sign That Child is an Introvert

One of the reasons for a child who likes to play alone is they have an introverted personality. It means someone who enjoys their time alone. It does not mean your child is anti-social. Children who have an introverted personality are more selective in accepting their social life, especially if they think that their communication seems excessive at one time. They need time alone to enjoy their activities and restore their energy or mood.

Get Used to Playing Alone

Usually, this can happen if your child is used to playing alone at home. Especially if your child does not have close relatives or friends, this can be one of the reasons why it is difficult for your child to spend time with other people.

They just need more time to adapt to a more open environment to socialize with their friends.


There are children who have a fear of being left alone. This is because they think that the situation itself poses a threat to them. This is also felt by children who like to be alone.

For them, the situation alone provides a sense of security for this child. Because self-comfort is a learned behavior, children who are used to being alone have developed strategies for coping with minor fears or worries (such as waiting and relaxing) that make them feel safe playing alone.

Children’s behavior can be taught, which means you do not need to worry if you have a child who likes to be alone. There are things you can do to help your child. These things will teach you to help children improve their social skills, such as:

  • Teach children to show emotions. You can teach them about emotions by watching films that teach children about emotions such as the inside-out movie (this movie is recommended for ages above 5 years to understand more).

Choose a movie that suits your child so that the packaging conveying emotions can be clearly accepted by the child. You can also make emotion cards with the child and use the cards to help children explain how they feel in certain situations.

  • Let your child socialize and make friends with peers who are around them. By getting children to play with their peers, it helps your child develop their social skills.
  • Playing with children with a game that emphasizes the importance of working with others. Take time to play with your child with games that require group collaboration. For example, move the balls from one place to another using a flat plate together.

This will teach children to think in groups and encourage them to work together with those around them. You can give praise verbally when they show improvement in socializing with others, such as taking turns or discussing.

May 10, 2021

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