One of the most frequent responses of parents when being asked about things they want their child to have is “being a responsible person”. Being responsible is the key to children’s success in school or another situation when they grow up.

The question now is how can we as parents raise children to be responsible for their choices and have a good impact on their future?

Give Tasks Based on Their Age

Give your children tasks that can be done according to their age without too much trouble, so that they are more likely to succeed. When giving the task, give your child a clear statement about what you want, so they know what to expect.

Make sure you give them a specific task. For example, saying clean the room, you can ask them m to provide clothes in the wardrobe, make the bed, and play games. Tasks like this will be clear and specific so that the child knows what to do.

Show and Tell

When you give a child a task to do, explain it in simple terms by showing examples. For example, when you ask your child to prepare a table, start by choosing a place yourself: “Look, son, this is what I do when I put a plate on the table, in front of the chair.”

When children get examples to do the task, it will make them easier to understand and do their job well.

Work and Play

Even if your child still struggles to focus deeply on things, you can start teaching them to complete tasks before relaxing or having fun. They will get a message when we say, “Okay, we’ll play together! But first, we have to clean up your game after lunch.”

Show your child that you do not want to be bossy, just expect them to behave responsibly and still have fun. A good way to explain this to a child is to use the “when-then” rule. For example, you could say, When we clear the table, then we can play together.”

Make the Chores Fun

We all enjoy chores more when it can be fun. Your child will also love spending time with you and may not consider emptying the dryer as a chore when you have active interactions with him.

It will be fun when you can do the chores with your child while creating great and fun moments! A small example that can be done is, for example, when you are tidying up toys with children, you can race to see who can tidy up the most toys.

Avoiding Threats

As a parent, you need to explain that they have to follow certain rules but explain them positively, without making too many threats. If the child says, “I want biscuits,” respond with, “When you sit at the table, you can get biscuits.”

Set a Good Example

Show your child about responsibility by taking care of your own belongings and your own space. Be their role model. Put your car keys in the hooks of the compartments, not on the table, and grab clothes from your bedroom floor. Explain why you are doing it too so that your child learns why it is important to be responsible. For example, “I’ll put my car keys in the right place, so I can find them again easily when we go out.”

Focus on Effort, not Result

Focus on the effort your child puts in while learning to be responsible. Even when your child is not doing it right. Do not criticize them or take over. It can lower their self-confidence and reduce their desire to help.

Try to organize existing tasks into manageable sections. You can help with the difficult parts and give the child the easier one.

Stay Realistic

Your child will not always follow what you want them to do. If your child does things that you might not like, try to stay in control and be patient. Remind them calmly, “Remember, you need to learn to tidy up your toys after playing with them.”

If they are tired, you can give them a little extra help. They probably spend the whole day following the rules and want a little rest.

Praise Positive Behavior

Whenever your child tries to show responsibility, even when it is not a full success, give them praise and positive attention. This will show the child that their efforts are important and appreciated.

Show them exactly how their efforts have helped others, such as: “Wow, now that you’ve learned to put the spoons on the table, we can all drink tea together!”

The most effective way to teach responsibility is to model our own behavior. Are we responsible parents? Do you consistently complete assignments well? Children learn by watching, not listening. If you as a parent learn to improve your own habits, your child will follow these good things.

May 9, 2021

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