Teaching children to read fast can be a long and difficult process. Reading requires appropriate teaching to children about various skills and strategies, such as phonics (knowing the relationship between letters and sounds) and phonemic awareness. Therefore, it is important for children to get the opportunity to practice from childhood at home with their parents without waiting until they enter school.

Most parents do not think about the process of learning to read and find it easy. However, when you decide to teach your own child at home, you know that learning to read is a process.

The good news is that while reading requires a detailed process, there are some simple and easy strategies for you to implement. There are some simple strategies from the teacher’s point of view that you can apply to teach your child to read at home, which is as follows.

Be a Role Model on Reading Fast

Young children are fast learners. If you have heard the word golden age, you will know that children aged 0-5 have a golden period where they learn and develop rapidly. One thing that children learn most often is their ability to follow other people around them.

One of the best ways to increase your child’s reading fluency is by being a role model for your child. Show your child an example of reading in a fluent and precise voice. Also, show examples of expressive reading by expressing the words according to the correct tempo.

Encourage your child to read the same passage in the same style or way as you. This strategy has a great opportunity to teach your child to speed read by setting good examples.

Play Word Hunt

Learning while playing is one strategy that you should try at home, for example by playing word hunting. If you are familiar with the Treasure Hunt game, this is a modification of this game. This game is suitable for children from toddlers to 6 years.

All you need to do to play this game is to attach name tags to objects around the house, for example on the stairs you put the label “ladder”. You put multiple labels on many objects in the house such as tables, spoons, chairs, and so on.

When children are in the process of learning to read, they will use the name labels of each object in the house for their practice to learn each word by spelling out the object’s name on the label. After putting the name tags of the objects, introduce them to every word.

After introducing the object that has a label, start removing the object name label and replace it with a blank name tag in the previously named object. Then, you give children the opportunity to fill in the missing words after they have been introduced to objects and how to read them. To make this lesson more interesting to the children, when they find a blank name tag and spell the word correctly, give them a point.

You can use points as your reward system for them to learn and in the end according to the number of points, they can choose the activities or things they want to do. For example, five points mean that you and your child will play together, ten points mean that you watch a children’s movie together.

Play with Words

Before you can read fast, you can start teaching children by practicing their ability to play words verbally. There are many ways to play with words. For example, you can play with your child to find words that have the same ending pronunciation. For example, when you say “cup” then the child can answer “rub”, “jump”, and so on.

Another example is playing with words by spelling letters. For example, when you spelled the word “s-l-e-e-p”. When the child can guess that the spelling forms the word “sleep” and is getting faster at guessing the spelling, then your child is ready to learn to read fast.

Introducing Books That Attract Children’s Interest

Nothing makes children more interested in books than giving books that match their interest in a character or the book’s story. Providing books according to children’s interests makes them more interested in reading the books you provide and gives great opportunities for them to read faster.

One of the things you can consider in buying a book as well is looking at its contents and pictures. Make sure to choose books that provide messages that are good for your child’s future. In addition, books with lots of pictures will be more attractive for children.

Read Using a Timer

When children begin to read, you can teach children to read certain readings within the specified time. For example, suppose you set a time for 1 minute on a timer and ask the child to read the passage at the time you specified.

When the child is reading, you can monitor the part of the child when they have difficulty reading a passage. Maybe there are words they cannot say. You can teach your child to repeatedly say words that are difficult for them. Make sure you also explain the meaning of the word.

After that, ask the child to read the section again at the same time, which is one minute. Here you can see that your child tends to read the passage faster than the first time the child reads the passage.

May 10, 2021

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