Parents and teachers have an important role in the development of children’s cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. As parents, you need to ask some questions related to your child’s development at school. If you are a teacher, you must also be prepared to answer parents’ questions.

Below are five examples of the most common questions parents ask their teachers.

How Do I Help My Child with Technology When I Know Nothing About It?

Currently, with technology that has become a necessity in education, parents must be up to date with the technology that children use in their learning process at school. Often, children are the most tech-savvy member.

So, if you as a parent do not know how to help children with technology, you can discuss with the teacher or suggest a parent-school meeting to discuss the technology used by the school.

Parents can also learn while monitoring their children in their learning process using technology at home. This helps you to have a strong bond with your children while making you understand the current children’s education which is closely related to technology.

What is the Purpose of this Assignment?

This question is often asked by parents in guiding their children to do their assignments. As parents, you can ask questions like these for your child’s teacher. However, remember to ask this question in a positive way.

You can ask something like “I’m helping my child with this task. Can I know what the purpose of this assignment is after it is done? “ After you get the answer from the teacher, maybe the next question you can ask is “What can I help to facilitate my child’s learning at school?”.

Questions like this will not make your child’s teacher angry or sad. On the other hand, they will feel that you are supportive parents and they are more than happy to answer your questions or even contact you to discuss things about your child at school.

How Do I Help My Child Succeed in School?

Parents who want to be actively involved in their child’s development at school naturally want to know what they can do at home to help their child succeed. You can ask how the teacher assesses your children and what you can do to help your child succeed in their learning.

To help your child’s teacher to be more open, you can convey to the teacher that you will appreciate each teacher’s answer and will help your child maximize their learning at home. It will allow the teacher to be more open about your child’s development.

Parents also need to remember that no child is perfect or failing. All children have strengths and weaknesses in learning something. Therefore, it is important for you as parents to continue to be a supporter of your children in every situation.

Why Do You Give So Much/ Little Homework?

Parents will have different strong opinions about the amount of homework. Some will say it is too much or quite the opposite. Before asking this question, make sure you have considered many things, such as seeing how your child and their friends respond to the amount of homework available, seeing the level of difficulty, and seeing your child’s abilities.

When we ask the teacher about this, they will explain their opinion on how many / few assignments they have given. Therefore, make sure you open your heart to listen to the teacher’s opinion according to the explanation. You can provide advice to the teacher according to your child’s needs.

Keep in mind that the teacher will ultimately decide what is best for your child in school. They are the people the school has entrusted to educate your child and your support as a parent of the child will make them do their job more responsibly.

How do you respond when my child struggles in class and how can I help at home?

This question is not very often asked by parents because they are afraid of pressuring the teacher. From the author’s point of view from the teacher’s perspective, this question can be well addressed. However, you need to ask this in a positive manner and with respect so the teacher will give their answer without feeling pressure.

Make sure when you ask this question, you use polite and positive language, so that the teacher is open to the things they have done for your child. This question can be used by you and your child’s teacher as discussion material to help your child learn more effectively from home and school.

May 10, 2021

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