In children’s world, play is not just for fun. Through play, children learn many things such as how to socialize, practice soft and gross motor skills, and increase their thinking skills by imagination.

As parents, we want to do our best to optimize your child’s needs. If you have a sufficient budget, one of the ways you can take your child’s development in a good direction is to create a children’s room to learn and play at home.

Children’s playroom designs are made as attractive as possible so that they can have fun learning and playing at home under the supervision of the family. There are some room inspirations for kids that you can apply at home.

Children’s playroom in the Corner of the Room

The small room in your house can be maximized as a play area for your child. No need to think that you must provide a special room for a large children’s play area. Use the unused corner of the room to become a place for your children and their friends to play.

Equip the room with an attractive design, such as making a simple camping tent, feather rugs, and several seating options. You can add motif wallpapers according to your child’s interests.

Playroom and Study Room

If you want to apply playroom as a study room due to limited space in your home, make sure that this room has several tables for drawing, making play projects, and studying.

Complete this room with tables and chairs that are unique and attractive to your child’s eyes especially for learning. This will make them feel at home to do their schoolwork or homework in the place that you have prepared.

Mix and Match Patterns, Colors, and Textures in Children’s Bedroom

You can integrate the children’s play area with their bedroom. In doing this, try to use various patterns, colors, and textures to be the focus of the room. Starting from the ceiling, wall color, to choosing a patterned carpet.

Also, prepare their small area to play. You can put a carpet, a small tent, or a table and chairs in your child’s play area in their bedroom.

Providing a variety of children’s activities in one room

If you have a sufficient budget as a parent, you can create a children’s playroom that provides a wide selection of toys and activities. Adjust this according to the age of your child. For toddlers, you may be able to provide slides, horse rides, toy cars, to various puzzles.

You can also provide tables and chairs and make areas for children to draw and color. With so many choices of activities available, your child will not easily get bored with their playroom.

The Secret Playroom at the bottom of the stairs

If you have an empty space under the stairs, you can turn that empty space into a secret playroom for your child. Make sure it can become a child’s favorite room.

Even though the room is relatively small, you can design this small room by placing your child’s toy box and providing a patterned carpet for your child to play in this room. The key to the playroom is the design.

Simple and Spacious Playroom

If you are the type of parent who wants a simple room, maybe you can create this type of playroom for children. You do not need to provide all kinds of toys to make children feel comfortable.

All you need to provide is a room that is quite large and combines it with soft color choices. You can also equip this playroom with simple accessories and equipment that you need most, such as carpets and soft beds.

To keep this room clean and simple, put your child’s toys in a special toy cabinet or in toy boxes. Your child will choose the toys they will play with from the box or cabinet that you have provided.

May 10, 2021

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