Most parents have a basic understanding that disciplining children is necessary for children’s growth and development in a good direction. However, parenting is often uncomfortable and challenging.

Like it or not, in your family, you will eventually discipline your children. But the problem is, you often apply the wrong discipline. Parents tend to adopt negative or violent ways to discipline their children. It is very important to teach the value of discipline to a growing child, but by being rude to them.

While it may immediately produce the results, you want your child to do, most often it could harm you and your child’s relationship in the future. Therefore, disciplining children is a strategy that you must implement effectively. The following are examples of discipline that every parent should avoid with their children.

  1. Physical Violence

Physical violence strategies of any kind cannot be justified. Maybe when you were a child, you still felt the beatings from your parents, but this strategy never actually worked. This strategy causes physical injury and trauma to the child and even affects them emotionally.

If you want your child to grow up to be a good person and remember their childhood happily, never use physical violence in any form to discipline children. Physical violence is not an option.

  1. Yelling at Children

This is one of the most common and negative categories of child discipline to do. Many parents raise their voices with the expectation that children will listen more. In fact, as a parent, you should be aware that a louder voice does not make children become more obedient.

Yelling at children and using words that cause emotional embarrassment have also proven dangerous. Discipline with harsh words causes more bad behavior and mental health problems in children.

Many researchers have shown that harsh verbal discipline leads to more behavioral problems in children. In fact, it trains your child to always test you before you as a parent reach your “last point” of patience.

  1. Give Threatens to Stop Children

If shouting does not work, threats are often the next discipline that comes up. Sentences that start with the words “If you do it again …” are becoming too general.

This is also a poor and ineffective discipline for the child. One of the biggest dangers of threat-based parenting is that parents rarely act on the stated consequences, just threats. In the end, the child understands that the threat is not really going to be done by the parent, so they will do it again and again.

  1. Being Distant or Cold to Children

To punish your child for their mistakes, you choose to be distant or cold to him. This strategy should not be applied to children. Children still depend on their parents for support in various aspects.

When you discipline your children by keeping your distance and acting cool with them, you make it difficult for them to believe in you and subconsciously instill thoughts of distancing themselves from you.

  1. Bribing Children

There are some parents who apply the strategy of begging their children to obey or trying to persuade them to obey by providing bribes in kind or things the child wants. Although begging with children seems positive, using this strategy teaches the wrong motivation for children to behave well.

Parents who wish to teach children about appropriate character and behavior as a way of life should not use bribery in their disciplinary strategy. It can make children think that they are always entitled to something special in return for good behavior. In the end, they will always do good to get something (take it for granted).

  1. Lying to Children

Parents often scold their children when they are caught lying. But sometimes parents lie to their children for some purposes. The thing that happens most often with lies is the promises that parents make to their children.

Sometimes, parents promise to do something so that children obey their words and ultimately do not fulfill that promise. It might seem to work at the beginning, especially at a young age, it is also often going against what you want to achieve in parenting. It will create a sense of distrust for children towards you which ultimately reduces the effectiveness of your parenting.

May 10, 2021

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Check out other Versions of this Article!
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