Nowadays, this technology era has had a significant impact on the way parents supervise their children. In general, almost all young people have their gadgets. These gadgets are used for a variety of functions, such as communication, learning, finding information, and entertainment.

Within today’s technology world, parents become more worried about children’s activities with their gadgets. As parents, we do not want to do extreme things like not allowing the use of gadgets just to make sure that you can supervise them properly.

There are four ways that you as a parent can do to monitor your child. You can do this without creating extreme boundaries that might make break your relationship with your child.

Positioning Yourself as Friends 

“Parents are trying to be friends with their kids rather than draw the line and tell them what proper public behavior would be.” – Gallagher

One study taken on Swedish adolescents proved that the key to a harmonious parent-child relationship is not about strict parental supervision. It is when children trust their parents to tell them whatever has happened to them.

As parents, we need to move to supervise our children. How about taking a position as your child’s friend? A friend also is an authoritative figure in a child’s life. On one side, we will listen to our child’s complaint and let him explore the world. On the other hand, we will also continue to carry out our role as parents to provide guidance which is good to do through a friend’s approach.

When a friend makes suggestions, it does not require force, but helpful. Make sure your children feel this way so that they can comfortably tell all things that happen to them. We finally know their social activities and interactions without forcing them to tell. This approach makes us easier to monitor our children’s development which beyond our reach.

Set Family Time

Another thing that you can do to build children’s trust is to take advantage of consistent family time. For example, your family has time for dinner together Monday to Friday. On Saturdays or Sundays, you may prepare three hours to spend with your family doing activities such as playing together, eating out together, or recreation to certain places with your family.

These kinds of activities will help children build their trust in their parents. Children will feel they are loved and have enough attention from their family. It brings a positive impact so that they do not think about doing things that have a negative impact to get attention.

Set Limitation in Using Smartphone

The use of smartphones today has many positive and negative impacts. As parents, we do not want to let our child get entangled in the negative effects brought by a smartphone. Therefore, prevent this from happening by limiting the use it.

Limiting usage is different from not providing. Take a moment with your child and communicate about these restrictions. Use language that does not make children feel constrained to use smartphones. Build open discussions about the good and bad effects of using a smartphone.

After discussion, you can say your desire to limit usage at certain times. You can set a time limit with them so they are also actively involved in this decision and feel their parents’ trust towards them.

Getting to Know Their Friends

Knowing a child’s friends is also a thing that you can do to supervise them. It is enough to get to know his friends, not to take over in choosing his friends. You can do this by asking about their friends when you have time to chat with your child.

You might also give your child ideas to invite their friends to come over to your house. At this moment, you can get to know them a little through the conversations that your child and your child’s friends have. Not taking over their conversation, but just watching from afar. When there is the right time, you can join in their conversation.

Give confidence to your child in choosing his friends. Advise that only guides, not to control them. Even if they have the wrong friends, they will surely remember your advice as a parent and learn from it. That’s where you, as a parent, play a role more when your child comes and talks about their relationships too.


Good luck, dear parents!

May 9, 2021

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