Not a few parents tend to choose to keep working from home as well as caring for their children. This is what is often called multitasking, trying to do more than one thing at the same time.

Many people see someone who does more than one activity at the same time as being good at managing time. Seen as someone capable when doing their job. Is it always true? Is multitasking always effective and has a positive impact on those who do it?

As a parent or expectant parent planning to multitask in work and childcare, you must ensure your skills to be disciplined. Multitasking without discipline will be inefficient and tend to destroy the balance of the family.

There are several effects of multitasking that are not always effective and make imbalance in the family.

  • Tend to Make Mistakes

When you work and handle more than one job at the same time, the risk of making mistakes is higher. It also applies when you work while taking care of children.

It can happen because the brain picks up on a lot of activities which makes you too busy. You need a lot of concentration-time but are divided into several different activities at the same time. This is what causes the tendency for errors to occur more frequently.

  • Tend to Work Slower

Usually, people choose to work in multitasking so that their work is done quickly. In fact, this opinion is not always correct. When doing multitasking, you will divide your concentration on two or more things at once.

When you are not disciplined in managing your time and activities while multitasking, this will make you slower in doing your work according to previous expectations.

  • Lose a Precious Moment

It often happens when you are trying to multitask. Many of the moments that you miss around you when trying to do a lot of work. When you are busy with various jobs, your concentration is divided, and it is difficult to enjoy the moment.

It does not just happen to parents. Many people who are focused on pursuing a career and trying to do multiple jobs at once find themselves missing a lot of moments around them.

This multitasking habit can also have an impact on the family. When you try to raise children while working, you lose focus on doing something. This is what causes you to pass precious moments with your family.

  • Losing Moments with Surroundings

Multitasking will require high concentration, even when the work is not too dense. It can make you miss some moments at work, including close relationships with the people around you.

You will be busy with work and must devote all your attention to the multitasking activities that you are doing and forget about the environment and the people around you.

  • Lowering Creativity Level

The more you focus on your work and try to get many things done at once, the more your creative thinking will be covered up. Why? Because creative thinking tends to arise when one can think calmly and casually.

When you are carried away in the multitasking process, your creative thinking will decline and not be optimal. It is a shame if it happens because it impacts the important skill.

  • Tend to Feel Excessive Stress

It is no longer a secret. People who are trying to multitask tend to feel this way. Maybe those of you who are used to working in multitasking feel this is normal. For example, you enable automatic e-mail notification and always open it every time there is a message, even though you are currently doing other tasks. Unconsciously, activities like this will trigger stress levels.

It happens because you force your mind to think about other things while doing a job. This is one of the stressors in doing multitask work that you may often feel both consciously and unconsciously.

Deciding to do multitasking tasks is basically not a negative thing. However, like anything else, it can have negative repercussions if used excessively and without reflecting on it.

Therefore, as a parent or prospective parent, you should know your work wisely and disciplined while creating several multitasking guidelines, which can and cannot be done simultaneously.

May 10, 2021

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Check out other Versions of this Article!
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