Nowadays, social media has influenced everyone. Social media is changing the way we communicate, get information, and share lives. Without realizing it, social media has also influenced our parenting styles as parents, especially if you are one of the parents who often use social media to share your family moments.

Before uploading a photo of your adorable child and seeing how many people liked the post, let us take a look back at how social media has changed the way we parent. Apart from just uploading photos, what can you do to make social media a more positive experience for you, your family, and your environment?

Make a Pause

Unconsciously, social media has created a break in our thinking. For example, when you are taking care of a child, you take a photo of your child and upload it by writing in the caption “Naya already tidying up her own toys!”.

While parenting is supposed to do and feel only with our children, many of us become unfocused with the moment and take a moment to decide whether this is a worthy moment to post or not.

We can take photos for every moment there is, it is natural for parents who want to capture the moment. However, when we have moments that we should only spend with our children reaching for their cellphones to post on social media, this takes away from those moments.

Make Comparisons

When you have children, your tendency as a parent is to praise your child’s development and all the extraordinary accomplishments you see. You will tend to share all the achievements your child gets on social media.

In fact, with the number of photos and videos being shared on social media, including about parenting, more parents are comparing their own parenting success with others on social media and tend to feel less confident about their parenting styles. Parents tend to experience feelings of failure based on what they see even online.

Ultimately parents set in their mind an “everyone is doing better than me” mentality that creates unnecessary stress. In fact, we should know that not everything shared on social media is true.

When you look at social media, most parents only share what they want to share. Social media is like a scrapbook where someone makes a conscious decision not to share their struggles or bad days.

Therefore, keep this in mind so that the impact of the comparison does not destroy the positive mindset in you as a parent.

Creating an Environment for Children to Want Fame

Have your children ever asked if you would post that photo on Facebook? Do they want to know how many likes they got for the post you made yesterday? If this has happened, your child has become a victim of your excessive use of social media.

As parents, when we post photos of children on social media and actively track the popularity of those posts, we run the risk of creating children who want popularity too. As they observe our behavior, children also learn to measure their popularity based on how many people click the “like” button.

In fact, social media is not always bad. There are many good influences offered by social media, such as bringing closer loved ones who live far away from us, learning a lot of information about parenting from interesting posts about parenting, being able to connect with many friends and co-workers, getting useful resources about various aspects, and many more.

However, we as parents must be good at using social media for ourselves. This will have a good impact on your children where you can become an example of a wise social media user.

Be more selective in making friends and following someone on social media. Learn to be selective about hiding or unfollowing people who make you feel guilty or bad about your decisions as a parent.

Consider the long-term impact of your pictures and comments on your child. If your child is quite familiar with posting on social media, you must ask the child’s permission before posting about them on social media, so that they can get involved in their own digital footprint even if it is in your account as a parent.

Be honest with your every post. Before creating a post on social media related to your child or family, ask yourself: Why should I share this? Are you proud and want to share it with your friends and loved ones? Do you just want to compete with other parents? Do you just want to get lots of compliments?

Do not compete or compare. It will be hard to do but try your best to be grateful to live a life that is not always perfect unlike what others depict on social media which is always beautiful. Remind yourself that a lot of people only show good things on social media.

Provide limits on the use of social media. By turning off gadgets at the dinner table, a few hours before bedtime, or while having family time together, you can set a good example for your children and get some quality time to connect with your family without gadgets disruption.

May 10, 2021

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