Maybe you have been tempted or even often to help your child with homework that the teacher gave from school. As parents, you feel that it is okay to help your child doing it.

In fact, parents who are involved in doing their child’s homework do not help them improve their child’s grades or test scores. On the other hand, your help can hurt their academic performance.

When children have difficulties in doing their assignments, you can guide and direct them, not helping them completely, even trying to finish the homework.

There are at least three main reasons that parents should not be fully involved and help children do their homework.

  • Children lose motivation to learn

The more parents are involved in the process of doing homework with children, the fewer children are willing to learn. Children whose parents sit beside them and tell them what to do, control each step and even do it for them, make their children tend to have the lowest motivation.

However, children whose parents do not “pressure” them have a greater desire to learn something new. As parents set a good example to stay independent in their work. You can help if your child asks for it themselves. In this case, you must explain to the children what they do not understand but do not solve it for them.

When children are bored and seem unmotivated to do homework, you can balance their emotions. The first thing you can do is comfort them by admitting that sometimes there are times when we do not want to do homework that is boring or too difficult.

After successfully calming their emotions, teach them to cope with a difficult situation, when they are bored or not motivated to finish homework. You can share methods with children to fulfill unwanted tasks. Another thing you can do is create fun situations while they are doing assignments.

  • Children do not learn to be responsible

When you do children’s homework, control the process, and punish them for bad grades, you are taking responsibility for their studies. In other words, you are not teaching them to be responsible. Therefore, if you still try to control their homework, they will not be responsible.

According to the author’s view as a teacher, the appropriate application of reward and punishment is something that can be done so that children know what to choose. When they do not try to do their homework, let them have the consequences.

The ability to take responsibility for children’s own actions is important, whether they choose to do it responsibly or vice versa. In the end, responsibility senses that your children provide for their future rather than they can ask other people to do their job.

  • Not-so-good relationship between children and parents

Taking control of children’s homework can make the relationship between you and your child unfavorable. Many psychologists say it is important for parents to trust their children and spend more time together.

If you are a perfectionist parent who wants your children to be the best in their class, ask yourself why that is so important. Children will feel unloved in the family when their bad grades on homework can change the way they are treated.

Studying is a personal task for each child, and so is their homework. Your job as a parent is to love your child unconditionally. Provide appropriate assistance when they ask for help by providing solutions instead of finishing their homework and scolding them.

How about you? How do you motivate children if they do not want to do their homework? Have you offered the right solutions and affection for the development of your child in a better direction?

May 9, 2021

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Check out other Versions of this Article!
Praise has a big impact on children if it is conveyed correctly. Through this article, learn how to give wise and appropriate praise to your children.
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