“To be a good parent you need to take care of yourself so that you can have the physical and emotional energy to take care of your family.” – Michelle Obama


All parents will agree with the statement “that being parents is difficult”. Even if this statement is stated to people who have not had children and are married, they agree. Therefore, starting a family is not an easy decision to make.

One of the things that happen when you become a parent is that you lose your identity. Your child has become the center of attention in your life. This is a demand when you have children.

There are many things you miss when you focus on being good parents to your children. In fact, you even forget to take care of yourself. In fact, you were often depressed and stressed while being a parent.

As a parent, it is important that you take care of yourself as this can bring health problems such as depression, headaches, insomnia, and tension. Therefore, taking time for yourself can help.

Allowing yourself free time can give you a mental, physical, and emotional boost. You must take care of yourself so you can take care of your family. Free time alone or we often hear the word “me time” is one of the important things for parents.

Here are ways that you can try when you have “me-time“:

  • Take a quiet bath

Sounds normal, right? However, once you become a parent, you often speed up your bath time so you can do other things as a parent. Use your bath time calmly. This will help you relax your body, and you will feel refreshed again.

  • Hang out with friends

This is one of the activities parents miss before they have children. Get together with friends. Getting out of the house and hanging out with your childless friends is a luxury for parents. Set your time sometimes to enjoy a moment like this.

  • Date as a partner

Another thing that tends to become your favorite before having children is of course spending time with your partner. Do your spare time occasionally to date your partner.

There are many ways you can spend time together as a couple. You can watch romantic movies together, have romantic dinners, and make the atmosphere more fun such as dress up and manage the situation around.

If you have more free time without children, with your partner you can have romantic dinners in certain places to spend time together for some time.

  • Take Care of Yourself with Reflexology or Spa

A spa can be an activity that your body needs when you have time alone. You can do a couple’s spa or go alone. It will give your body the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate again. You can also do the spa from your own home by completing the equipment needed for the spa if your personal free time is limited.

  • Do Hobbies

Maybe you are aware that there are some hobbies that you rarely or even never did when you become a parent. Use your free time by re-doing hobbies or activities that you like. Apart from enjoying your own time, you will also return to increase your skills in pursuing a hobby.

Now you are thinking, how do you have time alone or “me-time”?

  1. Sharing household chores: Divide the chores at home to your family members including children who can help you with certain tasks and with your spouse.
  2. Disconnect from the outside world: Set aside time every day at home to be disconnected from the outside world such as work or gadgets. You will find that there is a lot you can enjoy and do when you are not distracted.
  3. Get up early: Waking up half or 1 hour earlier than all family members are effective. During this time, you can spend it cleaning a home or just meditating. So, when you are tired, you have started working on your assignments since the morning which makes your workload less and less.

Find the right way for yourself as a parent to make time for yourself. Remember, taking care of yourself is important so that you can take good care of your family.

May 10, 2021

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Check out other Versions of this Article!
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