One of the abilities of young children that is a challenge for parents or prospective parents is when they ask questions, the questions even are difficult enough for you to answer.

When children ask questions, sometimes you will find it difficult to answer, especially if their questions are sensitive enough because they require complex answers. So, how can you handle that question? Especially when you feel you cannot answer it?

You do not have to be afraid. All parents have been in this situation. There are several things you can do when you get challenging questions from your child.

The Reason They Ask

Many things can trigger challenging questions from children, such as seen from the news, storybooks, dreams, information from people around him that he hears, etc. You can ask the reason why they are asking about this.

If you have the answers, make sure you answer them with short but clear answers to your child. Keep giving answers that are honest but easy for young children to understand.

For example, when a child asks, “Why is smoking dangerous?” you can ask why they ask that. Furthermore, you can provide a brief and clear understanding of the contents of cigarettes and their effects on the human body.

Asking Children’s Opinions

When they ask, you can first ask your child “What do you think?” before answering the question so that you better understand what the child really wants to ask and what he might understand.

When we understand your child’s questions and thoughts before answering their questions, we can see their understanding of the things in question. It will equip us to know the answers to challenging questions for children.

Understand Questions Before Answering

When you get a tough question, make sure you really understand what your child is asking. Do not rush to answer when you have a difficult question. It raises the risk that you will answer incorrectly or incorrectly.

Takes time to think while asking children for clarification by repeating the question. It will help you with several things. First, it gives time for you to organize your words more carefully. Also, it prevents you from giving incorrect answers.

Provide Fact Answers Using Easy-to-Understand Language

Whatever the child’s question, you must understand that they will process the information answer from your answer little by little. It gives the possibility that the same type of question might come back. Therefore, make sure you always give answers that are in accordance with the facts using language that is easy for children to understand.

It is easier for us to say answers according to facts. It happens because children will ask the same question several times to get clarity in their thoughts. When we always give answers that are different from facts, there is a possibility that we will give answers that tend to be different every time our children ask the same type of question at different times.

Inviting Children to Look for Answers Together

When a child asks a good question, but you are unsure of the exact answer, this is the right response you give them. The current response you must prepare when you get a complex question that is not suitable for your field, for example, history, science, politics, etc.

When difficult questions arise, you can invite them to find answers together through books, movies, or on the internet. If possible, provide answers with activities that can answer these questions, so that they can both learn and experience the information they are asking.

May 10, 2021

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