Choosing a kindergarten at the very first level for your child to enter the learning world is very crucial for parents. It happens because our children’s lives will be affected by their first school. Schools will shape children’s development in whole aspects, which are cognitive, social, and emotional to form a foundation for children’s future life. Therefore, there are many considerations that you must make when choosing Kindergarten School.

Before you do your search for the right school, it is better if you have an outline of what kind of school you want for your child. Every school has a different vision and mission, that is why you need to find a school with your desires. For example, you want a school with a safe environment so that your child can adapt slowly.

After having an outline of what kind of school you want, this is the state where you can start screening the existing schools. In addition, there are several more aspects that you can consider when choosing a school, which are:

  • School Curriculum

Each kindergarten school applies a different approach for students according to their curriculum applied. For example, the High Scope curriculum, which is an approach that promotes active learning for students so that interactive communication will be built. There is also a play-based curriculum where the school design that the children will learn while playing according to the child’s age group. Therefore, parents need to know the type of curriculum applied by the school so it can match with their desires.

  • Teacher Quality

The learning process will run well with the adequate quality of teachers. Therefore, parents need to know the teachers’ background and quality at school. You can try to see their qualities in school by asking the staff at the school directly. In addition, you can conduct surveys during study hours. Usually, there will be times for school where they will do one or more time to do an open house every year. Within this event, you can see the learning process that occurs in class together with the teacher.

  • Number of Students and Teachers

The number of teachers and students affects the learning process. Following the PAUD standards in Indonesia (Permendikbud), for children around 2-4 years old, the ideal ratio that teachers and students must meet is a maximum of 1: 8. However, this condition can change depending on the environment and the child’s own needs.

Teachers who have fewer students to teach will affect the quality of the teaching and learning process. Therefore, the number of teachers and students must be balanced so that the learning process can take place optimally.

  • School environment

Schedule your time to go around your selection of kindergarten schools to see the environment that your child might feel when they enter the school in the future. Ensure that the school environment also facilitates cleanliness, safety, and good infrastructures. This will help your children to grow in the right place.

  • Budget

Choose a school based on the budget you have prepared. Avoid forcing yourself to choose a school that exceeds your child’s education budget. Kindergarten school that suits your child best does not have to be expensive. Therefore, the three aspects above will help you in choosing your child’s school.

Whatever kindergarten you choose later, focus on the suitability of your child’s characteristics, and following the wishes that you have thought can make your child grow and develop better.


Frequently Asked Questions from Parents: When is the right time to send my child to school?

Parents can send children to school regardless of age at kindergarten. There is no need or test to make sure your child is ready or not to enter school. As a parent, you alone will determine the right time for your child to enter school.

Kindergarten schools have prepared certain levels, usually divided into ages. Ages 2-3 years old will enter the nursery level (not all schools have this level), 3-4 years old to Kindergarten 1, and 4-5 years old for Kindergarten 2.

There are several ways you can check your child ready to enter formal education. For example, from a social perspective, you can monitor the way your child plays with their peers in the neighborhood. If you are still unsure about your child’s inability to listen to the teacher, you can start implementing small rules at home and playing games that have a way of playing that children must follow.

May 9, 2021

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