“A big business starts small.” – Richard Branson


Being a housewife is a wife’s priority when you are married. You have a husband and children that you need to take care of. You also need to clean the house. All of these things take a lot of your time and energy so you don’t even have space to do other things like work.

Luckily, the technology developments nowadays can help you to have additional income as a housewife. You can even do work from home as a housewife. There are several ways below that may be suitable for you to try as a housewife to start a business.

1. Provide Tutoring Service

If you are good academically for certain subjects and can teach, you can try to become a private tutor as your job. You can start this business by offering your private tutoring services to people around you such as in the neighborhood or your friends.

In starting this business, you only need to provide a place to teach or learn like a table, chairs, whiteboard, or other tools that you can use for teaching such as a computer or laptop for virtual teaching.

When you first started this business, you can start it at an affordable price. As the business grows and the number of students continues to increase after getting the trust of children and parents, you can look for additional teachers and start raising fees depending on the current market price.

2. Catering Business

For those of you who like and good at cooking, you can use these skills to start your career by doing a catering business. This business is good because of its less risk. You only need to cook when there is an order.

You can try starting this business with your neighbors and friends. You can introduce foods that you make to them and when their responses are positive, you can start this business.

3. Snack business

Nowadays, many people try and start this business. Why? Because the food business will never end! Everyone loves food, especially snacks.

If you have skills in making snacks and cakes or you can manage the sale of cakes, you can start this business. Make sure when you start it, the taste, packaging, and price match with the snacks that you sell. You can start this business by giving snack samples to your friends and through social media.

4. Online writer services 

Freelance work as an online writer is a job that will not take a lot of your energy for those of you who love writing. This job does not take up a lot of time, especially if you can do it in your spare time because this job can be done only within a certain period following our availability.

To practice this skill, you can learn a lot from the internet by looking at writing techniques and word processing. You can also increase this skill by reading a lot. The more quality of your writing has, the more people will be interested in using your services. This can be a profitable business opportunity.

You can start introducing your skills by posting lots of good writings from you on social media or websites. You can also register as a freelance writer through many existing websites such as freelancer.com, Fiverr, etc.

5. Online Business

Online business is a job that can be done at home easily. Especially nowadays. many people use online to buy things because of a pandemic or their busy schedules.

As a housewife, sell certain products online will help you stay productive as a housewife and be able to make extra money for your family. There are many products that you can sell in doing business online. You can start by determining the product you want to sell, looking at the consumer level of the product.

You can take advantage of existing online platforms that are freely available to start a business with such as shoppe, tokopedia, olx, etc. Prepare enough money to provide the products you want to sell and do promote in the right way so you can attract many buyers from this business.

So, here are five businesses that you can manage from home as a housewife. You can still be a full-responsible housewife and use your free time to make extra money.

You can also look for other business ideas that you can do from home. Be ready to use your creativity to try to start a business.

Good luck, dear parents!

May 9, 2021

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