A husband or a father as the head of the family often feels a dilemma in choosing priorities between family and work. Ideally, most would say that family is the top priority. Yes, family is the most important thing because our goal to work is to support our family, isn’t it? The reality, is it the same as the idea thinking that we have mentioned?

This often happens in our lives as the head of the family. We feel like everything we do as the head of the family is for our family. In fact, what we do for our family is only a few percent of the time we spend daily compared to working time.

Choosing priorities between work and family is not an easy thing. Especially when you get a lot of work, while on the other hand, there are no colleagues who can replace the job. Therefore, as the head of your family, you must have the right strategy, so you don’t have to choose between these two things.

Discuss and Make Changes

Every family is different, so we cannot get the same strategy for all families in balancing between family and work life. The first thing you can do is having an open discussion with your partner. What kind of parents do you both want to do? This will help your family finds a good balance for working together.

You and your partner can make changes at home when you have imbalances in your family because of work. Making changes means taking on new or different roles and responsibilities. An example of a new role is if you want to be closer with children, you will probably need to spend time more with them after work. You and your partner can discuss this.

You can make changes with focused discussion. These guiding questions are the example that you and your partner can talk about, which are:

  1. What needs to be done? Make a list of family needs, starting from children’s needs, shopping, washing clothes, cooking, etc. This will give your family a starting point for planning who can do what.
  2. How much do you both want or need to work outside the home? Try to be objective in seeing “who earns more?” and is more subjective to “does any of you want to stay home with your kids?”.
  3. How do you spend your time right now? Look and discuss how you spend your time in your family and work nowadays. When you have an accurate picture, you can start changing your habits and routines with your partner that can be changed.
  4. How much money do you need? Manage a family budget will help you decide. The decision can be made for example is if one of you has enough income to support the family, the other can have an option to not work. Another decision could be both of you can keep working but being able to reduce your working hours to spend more time at home.
  5. Whose job is more flexible? You may find that one job from both of you is more flexible. So, one of you can spend a longer time at home.

You can also start to manage your work so that it can be done effectively without reducing work time. You must see that all works can be completed within a certain time.

If you are working on a project, divide the project into small groups. Work on the projects that you have distributed in small groups that you have made for yourself.

If your work leads to doing lots of administration documents, set the priority scale. Do the daily administrative tasks according to the specified time. Furthermore, if you have set the priority scale which is the most important, finish the document starting from the most important.

When you have finished with your job based on the priority scale, you can do additional tasks from your boss or other colleagues who need help. In this stage, you must be firm with other colleagues who want to take advantage of your energy.

Therefore, you must tell your colleagues that you will do your main job first before doing the additional work that is given. Also, make sure that they know that you care about your family so that they will be reluctant to take your hours after working time.

You should not sacrifice your family when you can manage your work priorities effectively. Family and work are two things that must be prioritized. During work, professionalism is an obligation. But family matters are the most important in life.

Therefore, starting from the beginning you must identify your workload and arrange it based on a priority scale.

Transition Time from Work to Family

Usually, you have a lot of thoughts even after you finish your job. This is what causes you to keep working in your mind even you are physically at home. Things like this can ruin your quality time with your beloved family.

Therefore, you also need to arrange the things you can do to spend time with your family. You can do this on your way home so that it does not take up your time at work. This switching time can help you move more smoothly from work to home life.

We recommend that you and your partner also need to make regular plans for quality time with your family on weekends and quality time together with your partner. This will allow your family to build strong relations as a family.

Benefits of Family and Work Balance

When you do it in the right way, a work-family balance has many benefits. Families whose fathers are involved and interested in their lives tend to provide more comfort and confidence for family members and create happiness.

If you have a satisfying family life, you will also have a happy job at your workplace. A strong commitment to work and family can give you satisfaction in both areas.

May 9, 2021

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