Most parents think about whether they should teach their children to help with household chores. Isn’t it the responsibility of parents to take care of the household? And don’t you think that children need the opportunity to enjoy their “being kids” life because they have the rest of their lives to worry about chores?

In addition, maybe most children also have busy schedules. They rush from one activity to the next with little time to clean the house or cut the lawn. Despite the many worries above, giving children household chores can be one of the most important things you will ever do.

It is never too quick to involve children in household chores. Children 2 or 3 years of age can learn basic skills that will be useful for the future. They will learn that doing work like this is part of everyday life and that everyone has a role to play in running the household.

There are six reasons that you can consider why children should help with household chores:

  1. Chores help children learn life skills. Even though they are currently young, they will not be children forever! Cooking, cleaning, and other household chores are just some of the skills the future child will need. These are also things that schools do not fully teach, so parents need to teach them at home.
  2. Chores help children learn responsibility and independence. Giving children regular chores for chores helps them learn to be responsible. Chores can personally affect your child, such as cleaning the room or washing their own cutlery. This helps them increase their independence.
  3. Chores help to learn about teamwork. Being a productive team member can be a role model for children through chores. The “team” members in the family are responsible for each other, and there are consequences if we do not live up to each other’s expectations. Studying these lessons at home, where mistakes are easier to forgive, can help children develop strong teamwork skills for use in school or work.
  4. Chores teach respect. Giving chores to children can help them gain respect for many things more quickly. Children will be more aware of the mess they create if they are assigned to clean the house, and more appreciative of the work they do to look after the house or other things in the future.
  5. Chores help build a strong work ethic. This character will be a strong legacy for your children in the future. Children will get appreciation from society when they have a strong work ethic, such as in the presence of teachers, employers, and colleagues. So why not instill a work ethic in children from a young age? Teach them to do routine chores so they get used to having a strong work ethic.
  6. Chores give the family a chance to bond. Many people often complain that chores take up time to spend with their children or grandchildren. But chores can create special moments between children and adults. Young children who are always eager to help feel important and receive a boost in self-esteem when doing household chores with their family. Additionally, moody teens may decide to open when they have time with their family while doing chores.

Chores that are Suitable for Children

There is a list below that can guide you as a parent when most children are ready for a particular task. All children will need early teaching and support. Some children may be ready for this task earlier or later than indicated.

2 to 5 years:

  • Putting dirty clothes in the basket with dirty clothes
  • Putting toys in the toy box
  • Search and find their own clothes
  • Dress themselves

5 to 9 years

  • Start helping with the dishes
  • Independently maintain personal hygiene
  • Making bed after doing activities in bed
  • Provide simple meals for themselves and family members

9 to 12 Years

  • Be responsible for some homework regularly
  • Make sure their room is clean and tidy
  • Fold and organize laundry
  • Help make meals for the family

As parents, we tend to fall to one extreme. Maybe some of us give too much freedom too soon or limit our children’s growth for too long. Letting go of control over children gradually will give children the independence that suits their needs and prepare skills for your child for their future.

May 9, 2021

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