On the first day when your child enters school, your assistance as a parent is a good thing to provide a sense of comfort and security for children who have just experienced a new environment. Besides being able to create moments with children on the first day, you can also build a new environment by interacting with the school and other student’s parents.

It is important to interact directly with the parties involved with your children. It includes the interaction between fellow parents of students. There are four benefits that you get when you establish good communication between parents at school, which are:

Getting the Latest Information about School

Talking with other fellow parents is a good step to build good communication between parents. Chat with each other, ask for a phone number, and if you have one, join a chat group that is followed by parents, especially those with children in the same class as your children.

Take advantage of any media that you can use to get to know other students’ parents. By doing this, you will easily ask or get the latest information about the school or just re-confirm the info you get from children.

Having Good Relationships Between Parents

Having good communication between parents can certainly build good relationships. You consciously or unconsciously will share and get the latest information about parenting practices that other parents apply. In addition, you will not miss any information or photos from activities at school.

There may be times when you may disagree with all the rules and beliefs of other children’s parents when you have established good relationships with each other. Whatever differences you have, respect their privacy of each other’s parenting styles.

If you feel that your privacy has been violated, try to remain calm. You might just remind one another that every parent has different challenges considering that each child grows and develops with their own uniqueness.

Set an Example for Children to Create Good Social Interactions

Respect your fellow parents. It seems very simple, but it is actually not always easy. You may not get along with everyone. This happens almost every time we are in a large group of people who get together repeatedly.

You do not have to like everyone, and everyone doesn’t have to like you. However, being a good role model is key in raising respectful and tolerant children.

Even if you do not get along well with someone or feel like you do not like them, be respectful and polite, especially in front of children. Your child will see and learn how you interact with others.

Participate in Improving School Quality

Parents who already know each other will have good relationships and their children will have a strong sense of solidarity. This relationship opens opportunities for parents to meet, get to know, and discuss many things with the school, especially about improving the school’s quality.

Through this, parents can get involved in activities at school. Parents can give ideas to the school to create a better learning environment. Parents can also provide a lot of assistance, such as holding parents’ meetings to discuss activities related to children’s growth and development at school.

May 9, 2021

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