In the education world, parents and teachers need to work together in educating children at school and home. Cooperation between parents and teachers can help solve children’s problems properly. One of them is we can help children who tend to be less motivated to learn.

Several ways can be done to help children increase their motivation to learn:

1) Conduct parents and teachers meeting

Conducting a meeting between parents and teachers is the first step that can be done for collaboration. In the meeting, both in person and virtually, you will see the importance of parents’ and teachers’ roles in children’s growth, including their academics.

2) Encouraging Similar Routines at School and Home

During meeting between parents and teachers, be sure to communicate the characteristics of the child at school as well as at home. After that, you can find a solution with the teacher to encourage the child to have some similar routines both at school and at home for children’s development in certain areas.

For example, guiding the child while studying at the same time every day. Parents and teachers make decisions together to guide the child to raise awareness for learning. The child will receive guidance from the teacher at school, and when at home, parents also guide the child when studying within the time that has been set consistently.

3) Knowing children’s activities at school

Parents need to get the latest news on what their children are doing at school. You can communicate this with your child’s teacher directly or indirectly using the platform used by the school. Parents may ask the teacher to provide a monthly calendar of children’s activities throughout the month or semester at school such as a newsletter if your children’s school provides that.

Following up children’s activity at school will help parents to support their children by knowing their development or things that their children up to at a certain time.

4) Learning While Playing Method

Usually, children tend to lose the desire to learn when they lose interest during the learning process. It might be happening because the material is too serious and stiff.

The application of the learning while playing method is the right choice to increase children’s interest in learning seriously both at school and at home. There are many ways you can do to learn while playing. For example, for young children, parents and teachers can teach addition using the tools that are around them, such as counting the number of doors at school, the number of seats in the class, and the number of spoons at home.

For older children, parents and teachers can apply a learning process that triggers the children to learn not only theories but also to visualize them. For example, when studying the phases of the moon. The teacher can assign them to observe the shape of the moon for several days each night. Parents can assist them during their observations by having an active discussion about that topic.

As a parent, you don’t have to worry if you don’t know the materials of your child’s lesson. You can still guide the child by asking questions that help your child to think, such as “What did you do in school today?” “What interesting lessons did you get today?” “Why do you need to observe this moon?”.

5) Changing Seating Arrangement

Another factor that might cause children to lose interest in learning is their surroundings. Children get bored easily with environments that tend to be the same. For example, if at school, it can happen when they consistently sit in the same place.

Teachers need to consider changing students’ seating arrangement every few weeks, so they can get along with all their friends, especially not easily getting bored with the existing environment. We can also change the class formation. It does not have to always face the blackboard, sometimes we can also change the seating formation into a circle, and the teacher can teach in the middle, sometimes just wearing a carpet, and many more.

If the teacher ignores or does not do something like this in class, parents may provide this advice to the teacher. This is also a positive thing for parents to do in showing that they care about your children’s development and teachers will be more assisted by the cooperation that exists with you as parents who are willing to be actively involved.

6) Learning Outside the Classroom (Outdoor)

Prepare interesting lessons for children that can be done outside the classroom. For example, when studying about the environment, children can study outside to observe the environment around them. Besides observing, the teacher can also teach outside the classroom. This will help children to be motivated to learn new and fun things.

At home, parents can also do this. For example, parents invite their children to have a picnic outside with a schedule to repeat the lesson learned at school. While having a picnic, parents continue to guide children’s academic area with a fun question and answer session with new situations.

These are six ways that you can apply as a parent to deal with children who lose interest in their learning process. The key is to keep learning new things during children’s learning process and having good cooperation with the teacher at school.

May 9, 2021

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