Education is one of the important things that parents prepare for their children. Education becomes an experience for children to prepare their youth for the future. One of the important components in education that needs to be known is the curriculum.

According to the constitution of Republic Indonesia State (UU) no. 20 on 2003 verse 1 about the National Education System, the curriculum is a set of plans and arrangements regarding the objectives, content, and learning materials as well as the methods used as guidelines for implementing learning activities to achieve certain educational goals.

The need for parents to understand the school curriculum will help monitor their child’s learning development. Parents can be actively involved in the development of children in schools with the curriculum. In short, we will find out where the learning direction will be received at the school.

In Indonesia, there have been several changes to the curriculum. From the various changes of curriculum, there are positive and negative sides.

We will look at the four functions of the curriculum for parents, students, educators, and schools. The broad function of the curriculum itself is a series designed to achieve educational goals.

Curriculum for Parents

Parents play an important role in educating their children as primary educators of children. Therefore, parents need to collaborate with schools in character building and learning knowledge for children. That is the importance of parents in knowing the curriculum that is used by their child’s school. Parents must assist children in learning according to the applied curriculum.

Another function of the curriculum for parents is to illustrate how their children learn and what their children get while in school. When parents understand the curriculum, parents have answers to questions such as “What did my child learn? What is the learning process? How is my child assessed?”. So, parents can also evaluate children and schools through the curriculum.

Curriculum for Students

The function of the curriculum for students is as the tool for them to measure their own abilities. The existence of targets designed in the curriculum makes it easy for students to understand various materials or carry out the learning process every day easier.

In addition, another function of the curriculum is to make it easier for students to design schedules that students will make. With a schedule, students can divide their time to work on assignments that must be done according to the teacher’s guidance later.

The curriculum makes it easier for students to map out what needs to be done over time. This can be adjusted to the evaluation conducted by the teacher every three or six months.

Curriculum for Educators

For educators, the curriculum will help determine the application of teaching methods in the classroom. The curriculum helps educators teach by following the structures that have been designed in the curriculum to deliver material and evaluations to students.

The curriculum also acts as a working guideline for educators. With the curriculum, educators can evaluate students’ development in understanding the knowledge that has been given.

Curriculum for Schools and Education Department

For schools, the curriculum plays a role in equating the knowledge received in a group, which is within the scope of the school. It can be determined after making some considerations and decisions for effective learning that takes place in schools.

The curriculum can also be used to adjust the education that is needed in a place. Each country has differences in geographic location, social conditions, and culture. Indonesia itself has a wide variety of cultures that needs to be considered. Therefore, the curriculum will adjust the educational design according to the needs of a particular place.

May 10, 2021

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Check out other Versions of this Article!
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