Time changes everything. Maybe you live in an age where you can go through life without depending on electronic devices. It is different now. Everyone including your children is currently growing up in the fast-growing world of technology.

Nowadays, children always want to have their own devices with different desires for their devices. As they get older, they even ask for their own cellphone or tablet. When purchasing a device for a child, you may be concerned about the impact that your device has on your child.

Here the author will help you see six things you need to know before finally deciding to buy this type of device for children.

  1. Purpose

The easiest way to decide which one to buy is to consider what the device is used for. Have a discussion with your child about what they want to do with the device. In addition, you can also discuss with your partner, other parents, and your child’s teacher how this device can support their growth and learning process.

Talking about this with children is important to understand the benefits and dangers of using a device. It also gives you the opportunity to agree with them on how they will use the device responsibly.

If children need to have devices for learning needs, especially for learning from home due to the current pandemic conditions, then tablets and laptops are the best choices.

If your child needs a device just for entertainment, a computer or game console can be an option for you. Before giving children the opportunity to access console games or watch TV, you need to manage the device with parental controls and set a time limit.

This at least helps you agree on a child’s daily time limit for watching and playing because the device will automatically follow your settings. All devices have different settings, including TV, tablet, etc. However, they all have controls that can help you see how your child is using them.

  1. Set Usage Limits

Especially for children who are still at an early age (before adolescence), it is important to set boundaries. Devices can give several possible dangers to children’s health and development.

Electronics can also affect children’s attention. Children who use gadgets often can have difficulty focusing on things like books, studies, discussions, etc.

  1. The Use of the Internet

Internet connection also needs to be considered. For children who are older or have entered school age, they want the device to have an internet connection for learning. If you need an internet connection, choose a device that can connect to an internet connection properly and quickly, such as the availability of Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, etc.

  1. Memory Capacity for the Device

Children who use devices for the learning process usually need a large enough memory capacity. The reason is to store applications or videos related to learning.

Therefore, parents must pay attention to the memory capacity of the device they want to buy for their child as a certain need. The larger the memory, the more information or applications that can be stored.

  1. Has GPS Technology

One of the sophistication of devices such as cellphones and tablets that are easy to carry everywhere is the increasingly sophisticated features. Nowadays, devices can make it easier for us to get many things, such as knowing our current location.

This feature makes it easier for parents to be able to know the child’s position accurately and up to date. All you must do is ask the child to share his current location, which we usually call the share location.

  1. Price

Price is one thing that everyone always considers when buying a device. Everyone wants an affordable price with the right quality. Therefore, before buying a device, pay attention to the features in the device according to the child’s needs and see which device best suits your needs at the best price you can buy.

May 10, 2021

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