“Strong-willed children become adults who can change the world as long as we can hang on for the ride and resist the temptation to tame the spirit out of them”. – Sarah Stogryn


Most parents complain about their child’s stubbornness. Stubbornness often is associated with negativity that makes most parents look for ways to make their children lose these traits.

As it turns out, children’s stubbornness is not always negative. This is also a positive sign for their growth. Reporting to the Journal of Developmental Psychology, stubborn children tend to be successful later in life.

Why it can be happening? Is it even possible?

From a psychological view, being stubborn is a sign of someone is having determination. This means that stubborn children can be determined when they want or believe in something.

They will try and negotiate with you, to get what they want. When a child can get through these things with you, this is a sure sign of children’s intelligence.

Looking from the teacher’s perspective, stubborn children in the classroom tend to have confidence in expressing their opinions in front of many people. Children like this will also tend to ask a lot of questions when there is something on their minds.

Looking from research conducted, the results explain that children who are stubborn and often oppose their parents, tend to be more successful with their future achievements.

This study did not explain the close relationship between stubborn children and their future success. However, from the results, it appears that children who tend to have the courage to express their opinions will be more courageous in making decisions in the future.

They may be more demanding as adults. They dare to make decisions, to express opinions that may not be liked by many people, and dare to demand what they feel they need to get in the future. Children like this will dare to take risks for their strong will. These things give them a great opportunity to succeed in their career.

As a parent, when you can motivate and change your stubborn child’s urge to do well in school or for his future, they can become the leader who will do the right thing and have a big impact on their environment.

Now you all want your stubborn child to be successful, right? The question now is, how can you maximize your child’s ability on the right path?

The most important thing you must do is maintain communication. Communicate everything openly between you as parents and your child. Listen to their views. They may also see flaws in their ideas. This is your job as a parent to complete their ideas.

If they remain stubborn and even give you a case to justify their views, negotiate. Negotiating will make them learn to think critically in seeing something.

For example, when they give the case that their value is still good even though they always have a gadget. In these circumstances, allow them to do so by agreed negotiations. They can have it if their grades remain good and consistently doing well in many aspects. Make children also determine their consequences when they break the negotiation.

Maybe it will be a difficult task if this is your first time as a parent doing this. We all know that parents’ job is difficult. Once we go through all of this with the right approach with our children, we will win because we have raised our child as a future leader.

May 9, 2021

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