“Every son quotes his father, in words and in deeds.” – Terri Guillemets


Father’s role in children’s life cannot be filled by others, including the mother. As a result, mothers and fathers have different parenting styles in children’s growth. A father’s role can have a strong impact on a child. His role helps to shape children into what they will become, especially for their sons.

We must appreciate that the father plays a crucial and irreplaceable role in shaping the character of his sons. As parents, you want your sons to be great, hardworking, smart, and other positive characters. But more importantly, you want to make your son a real man. Only a father’s strong figure will make this happen naturally.

Therefore, dads need to consider what kind of father figure they would like to present to their son to help them in their journey of life as a man.

Is that how important the role of a father is to his son? What are some lessons that fathers can provide for their sons? There are three things that only a father can teach for sons.

A Father is not a Mother

When you read this point, you may say “This is obvious!”. Yes, it looks obvious from the eye, but it is very important. This is a point that only fathers can teach their sons. A researcher, Dr. Kyle from Yale University’s reports on the importance of the father’s role for healthy child development, explaining so that babies from an early age are learning to differentiate between mothers and fathers.

The mother’s role also is very important, but the most influential factor in a son’s emotional health is influenced by how involved their father is in taking care of them. Father shows their sons all man’s world. Starting from the difference in voice, hands, how to play father that is more physical and challenging, and ways of thinking that must be able to solve problems. Fathers would teach their sons that the man’s world is different from a woman’s.

The way a father expresses his love for a son also affects him in the future. When a father consistently shows his affection, his son’s future will only have fewer social, academic, or behavioral problems.

A Father Teaches a Man’s Confidence

The boy’s confidence mostly comes from their father. It happens because a father is more likely to encourage their sons to take risks. One example is when playing, fathers tend to throw their babies in the air, especially their sons. This is a game that can build confidence. Maybe the first time you do this to your sons will make them scared. But a father makes sure that he would fall back into his father’s hands.

That’s where the boy got used to it and even wanted it again. A father teaches a challenging and thrilling sensation. A father helps their son develops self-confidence by taking opportunities and doing challenging and thrilling things.

Another example is when a son learns to ride a bicycle for the first time. When a mother teaches, she might continue to hold back the movement of her son with the bicycle until she is sure that her son can pedal the bicycle well, then release the grip.

How about father? What happens when the father teaches their sons to ride? He will push his son over the line. He will let go of the grip to teach his son to ride faster and dare to take risks. When his son finally succeeds, he learns that he can do difficult things.

A mother creates a comfortable and safe situation, while a father teaches unexpected and has challenges situation. This is important for a man. This allows the learning to build their confidence to solve problems, find jobs, and become future leaders.

A Father Teaches Perseverance

Boys learn to persevere and overcome life’s obstacles from their father. They often look are their father, both in daily habits and in times of crisis. Seeing their father’s way of dealing with problems in life.

Fathers taught their sons the values ​​of endurance by example. When his sons do something difficult, his dad will still encourage them not to give up. A father will get his son to keep his mind calm and find out the problem so it can be resolved.

Within this process, a son eventually learns about persistence and other values ​​that will even follow, such as patience and skill.

Father has an important position in son’s life. He shows his son ways to face the world. The key to his son’s success lies in his father’s figure. Be a father who can be a role model.

May 9, 2021

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